Thursday, May 5, 2011

Video! March through present

I had lots of video to sort through, as I have not posted a video of Loki in months. As a result, this video is a bit over 30 minutes! I tried to put the better stuff toward the front. As always, if you get this by email, you probably need to click the subject line above to go to the webpage.

  • Loki makes The Face.
  • Loki asks me to lay with him, and then makes The Face again.
  • I have taught Loki that when Mom is asleep in the morning, he should be quiet, but that we can later wake her with a lamp, a kiss, and some coffee. Here he pretends to do that, but gives her the coffee via a syringe. He says "even wachten" ("just wait"). "Mama sleep. Shhh." His kisses are always sideways.
  • Loki has developed an imaginary friend, Paura (who, we think, derives from his great-aunt Paula, who is Dutch but lives in California). Here he wakes her up, sort of like Mom. 
  • In Belgium, at our rented vacation house, Loki and the other kids painted Easter eggs. Here, he only plays with the water. "Even dippen hard" = Just dipping hard/fast. He later actually painted.
  • In Belgium, Loki and the other kids looks for eggs ("ei" or "eitje") on Easter morning. I kept this clip a big long to show the back yard and surroundings of our rental house. After the first one, he says "liedjes zingen" ("sing songs"). He keeps calling for Annekarijn, who is our friend there collecting the eggs in the basket.
  • Loki gets in the river with friends in Belgium.
  • Mom sings with the boys in Belgium. Loki knows many of the motions. (I apologize that the camera keeps going out of focus.) The words are about a boy who ends up going to America.
  • Loki on the merry-go-round with friends in Belgium.
  • Loki 'sings' two songs as he is exhausted, the first in English (don't let the bedbugs bite) and the second in Dutch.
  • A circle-dance with an uncle and cousin at a family gathering at our place. At the start, he says "niet eng" ("not scary"). He often says that to reassure us and himself that something is not scary. He is easily scared.
  • Later that evening, we sing one of his favorite songs. The words are: With the fingers, with the flat hands, with the fists, with the elbows. Boom!
  • We sometimes watch live music videos. We once joked that the frontman of Phish was 'Uncle Trey.' Here, he repeats the phrase. (Sorry, Brent!) Mom then starts a string arrangement of Divided Sky, the song from which we got his second name. We often play a more typical version in the car, which he likes because we tell him it is the 'Loki Sky song.' Here he is a bit confused by the version. "Niet (i.e. not) Uncle Trey!"
  • Loki plays alone. This is not exciting, but it is always a treat to see his imagination develop, and for him to entertain himself.
  • Loki has learned many letters and numbers, and we are proud, of course. Here, he does pretty well identifying letters on his 'laptop.' The first round are the capital letters, of which he gets ten of ten. The second round of smaller ('klein') letters are a bit tougher. He calls some of them by words because, on another setting, the laptop associates letters and words. V = volcano, Y = yo-yo.
  • While reading a book with Mom, she asks him to count. He always skips seven and eight, as he does here, in Dutch. Een twee drie vier vijf zes negen tien!
  • Loki measures my feet as five, which is his favorite number. He finds it.
  • Mom and Loki read a book. He completes sentences and knows most of the letters in 'belly button.' I kept this a bit long, as at the end Loki says the hippos are at the hospital ("ziekenhuis") instead of at the beach, and that they will get shots ("priks"). He has an understandable fascination with hospitals, shots, and pain.
  • Loki gets silly before bed. "Rondtjes draaien" = turning circles. "Mama ook" = Mama also. He fetches the W. 
  • Back to Belgium: Loki plays in the 'pool,' with his friends and solo.
  • The neighborhood kids, especially one pair of sisters, take good care of Loki. Here is evidence. 
  • Loki gets a haircut from Tante (Aunt) Marieke.
  • Mom arrives while we were waiting at a trailhead. I like how he smiles when he sees her. He shows off his stick. "Kijk" = look. "Draaien ophalen" = turning and picking up. He says he is getting ducks, not fish, because of a bathroom toy fishing pole that grabs little ducks.  


Papaw & Nana said...

Very happy to see so much of my sweet Loki. Makes me miss him more than ever. Such a smart little guy! Hugs and kisses to you Loki from Nana and Papaw. We love you.

mbventura said...

I love seeing all three of you, Lijn singing in Dutch is the best and of course Loki is adorable. You're pretty cute yerself Jess. We are excited for some Uncle Trey in Tahoe this summer! Miss you guys a lot. xo,MB

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On January 11, 2009, while still in the hospital NICU, his one kidney stopped working. It was repaired after three surgeries. After spending time in three hospitals in three cities, Loki came home on February 17. He struggled with eating, and then stopped in July, leading to 8 days in the hospital, a failure-to-thrive diagnosis, and a NG feeding tube. On October 10, a minor surgery installed a G feeding tube. Another procedure replaced it with a new one, and then again with a Mic-Key button in Jan. 2010.

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