Sunday, September 11, 2011

August photos: beach weekend et al

With Mom's dad and step-family, we spent a night in a hotel / hostel by the sea. Loki was a bit overwhelmed by the water, but could play in sand forever,

Final rinse with cousins:

Looking with Mom:

Kiss from Mom.. not ready to leave the beach:

On the dunes with Tante Marieke:

Playing in the dunes at sunset. That's the hotel in back:

With Marjolein, his sitter for 1.5 days / week:

Chilling at the park:

Loki got his first real bike, a hand-me-down from one of K's friends:

We recently house- and pet-sat for some friends. Loki could walk a dog:

Put him to work:


Sorry for the bad photo, but it demonstrates who is boss. That's Mom's mom ("Omi") on the floor.

Good morning:

About Loki Sky

Loki Sky is a special little man. He was a very early micropreemie, weighing only 610 grams (1 lb, 5 oz) after 24 weeks, 3 days gestation, born to an American Father and a Dutch Mother in Berkeley, California on October 18, 2008.

On January 11, 2009, while still in the hospital NICU, his one kidney stopped working. It was repaired after three surgeries. After spending time in three hospitals in three cities, Loki came home on February 17. He struggled with eating, and then stopped in July, leading to 8 days in the hospital, a failure-to-thrive diagnosis, and a NG feeding tube. On October 10, a minor surgery installed a G feeding tube. Another procedure replaced it with a new one, and then again with a Mic-Key button in Jan. 2010.

In August 2010, he and his parents moved to the Netherlands.

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