Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Loki's first music festival: photos and videos

Last week, Loki attended his first music festival. Mom and I have went to the High Sierra Music Festival every Fourth of July weekend for ten years. We had to skip last year, of course. But this year, we splurged on renting a big RV motor home. We met up with Opa and Oma there in the northern Sierra Nevada mountains, and enjoyed four days of music. Loki was great, enjoying the sights and sounds while in good health. The grandparents really stepped up, and allowed us to go see the headliners three of the four evenings.

We'll write more about Loki's health later. For now, I'll say that he is doing very well. In fact, he is sleeping through the night with very little grunting, crying, or coughing for the first time. (Thus, we sleep more!) We are curious if this will be the case when we phase out the Flovent.

Getting in the festival mood with Dad's beer:


When a song ended, Loki would often do the sign for "more," which is touching the fingers of each hand together, like this:

His favorite toy was his squeeze-and-spray bottle:

For Opa too:


Laughs with Mom:

Stealing Mom's entire dinner in one bite:

Walking with Oma and Opa:


Loki borrowed a neighbor's castle tent:

Loki liked bathing in the warm sun:

Foxen, Loki's fellow graduate of Alta Bates NICU and his best buddy, attended with his family:

Playing on the stairs with Foxen:

With Dad:


Cruising the strip:

Good night, High Sierra:

In this video, Loki plays with Foxen, and walks with Oma and Opa.

In this second video, Loki tries to eat Mom's burrito, applauds at the end of a song, and plays in the bath.


Nana and Papaw said...

Great pictures and videos of everyone! Really miss you all very very much. Loki is such a big boy at the festival!!! Love to all..Nana and Papaw

Richard en Maaike said...

Het ziet er allemaal heerlijk uit. Heb Lowlands nog gemaild met en link naar HSMF, wegens de Kidzone, maar zij willen echt niet aanmoedigen om kinderen mee te nemen. Erg jammer, want een festival kan er nog veel relaxter van worden, maar ja. Jullie hebben volgens mij lekker kunnen genieten. En fijn dat het slapen weer wat uitbreid!! Tot snel!!
X Maaike

marieke said...

Leuke foto's en film!! Wat heerlijk dat het zo goed ging met Loki daar. En mom, wat ben jij slank!!
Dikke kus en tot over een paar weken, Marieke

Kyra said...

Wow! Wat een cowboy is het toch, en wat kan hij goed Burritos eten! Veel groetjes van ons bijna op vakantie.

Kyra, Erwin, Muus en Lova

Suzan said...

Wat een fijne foto's! Eindelijk eens heerlijk genieten! We wensen jullie zoveel meer daarvan! Dikke knuffels, Johan, Suzan en Phileine

Anonymous said...

How fun! So great to see him walking! And verify that he has his parents' musical appreciation...
I also have to say that he looks wonderfully healthy bathing in nature...and the Flovent question is very interesting, because it again makes me wonder about microaspiration when horizontal--they do the swallow study upright...and my grandson suffered with terrible croup attacks until Kaiser did a bronchoscopy and found stomach contents in his lungs-they were looking for something else altogether...since the reflux meds and flovent, NO MORE CROUP!
Loki and Foxen--what a great name combo!

Piapie said...

I am so happy to see that all three of you were able to enjoy the festival this year. What a nice way to wind down your time in CA before the next adventure!

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