Monday, October 19, 2009


Loki turned 1 and he behaved like a big boy. Barely any naps during the day, lots of love, smiles, playing with friends and hugging during the party. Loki had many, many visitors and was very entertained by all the excitement. Lea and Patrick made the room look beautiful by bringing in amazing balloon arrangements and Loki received an incredible amount of gifts.

As dad and I were reflecting on the day we realized it felt like a "Loki Shower." We finally had the chance to really celebrate Loki's birth, and it felt great!

Summarized we had a wonderful birthday party yesterday.

We are collecting pictures from various cameras so please be patient, we'll have more photos soon!

The Birthday Breakfast table with gifts and decorated chairs for Loki and Dad:

Loki meets his new friend, brought in by Oma and Opa (any name suggestions?):

Loki had a lot of fun with (nurse) Danielle, she made him laugh out loud more than anyone else. Very cute:

Loki is so smitten with his (nurse) Amber:

Loki and his love Ruksana (from the NICU):

Being held by Aunty Prema:

Loki's friend Finnie and his balloon:

So many friends were there. In this picture Boris and his mommy (from NICU) and friend Jeremy with his daddy Sean:


Mascha Rodeck said...

The doll looks HABA, right? Anna got a similar one from her Omi for her first birthday. The HABA dolls come with names. Anna's was called Amelie, but Anna couldn't pronounce this and to this day she is called Mala.

I suggest Thor for Loki's doll. It stays in the nordic mythology, and Loki and Thor were friends.

Thank you again for having us over for the celebration of Loki. It was beautiful.

Cheryl said...

Looks like a wonderful day. And yes, it really was the party that you never really got to have to celebrate his birth. There are so very many reasons to celebrate now, eh? And more to come. Next year: More cake eating, maybe some ice cream...and chasing a running boy around...and then starting school--oh, and we all want an invitation to his graduation from Yale...or its equivalent in the Netherlands. So much to look forward to, so much endured, so much to enjoy just in this moment. And how much joy he brings to so many people!

fransje melief said...

Happy happy birthday!

Piapie said...

Oh my, he's already one!!!!! What an amazing journey and an amazing little guy. It sounds like a grand celebration.

Richard en Maaike said...

Lieve allemaal,
Wat fijn dat het zo'n leuke verjaardag was. Leuk dat het als een soort (verlaat) kraamfeest voelde. Het is altijd al erg bijzonder als je kleintje 1 jaar wordt, maar dat geldt voor jullie nog veel meer.
Loki lijkt op de foto's al weer een stuk groter!
Kus Maaike

Greet said...

Fijn de mooie foto's, heerlijk om zo bij jullie te kunnen zijn, ik geniet ervan, mooi deze 1e verjaardag, en dat jullie echt kunnen genieten van deze dag, veel liefs van Greet

berkeleygal77 said...

Isn't the word "doll" in Dutch "pop"? So maybe the doll can be called Poppie?

rstiles said...

Happy Birthday Loki! Amazing stuff. Congratulations to Mom and Dad too.

Kat, feel free to contact Elaine or me via email - estiles at hotmail dot com and rstiles3 at gmail dot com. Thanks!

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