Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Loki's First Christmas Home! (with photos and video)

Besides the gift and fund drive, this Christmas was very special because it was Loki's first holiday season at home. We all had a wonderful couple of days. On Christmas Eve, we delivered the gifts in the afternoon, and in the evening, a friend (and former colleague) of Mom and her family came over for dinner and some gift exchanging. It was crazy, as this included Mom, Loki, Rebecca, and I, and the family's two parents, twin two-year-old-girls, and the friend's mother.

On Christmas day, we started with some gifts, of course. We, especially Loki, got lots of wonderful gifts, and we are very grateful for all of them. The highlight was a Radio Flyer walker-wagon for Loki from Nana. We were joined by Freya and had a wonderful brunch at the apartment of Chris and Christine, who now live in our complex. Freya, Mom, Loki, Rebecca, and I then went to the Golden Gate Bridge, which was packed with families. Finally, we watched a Christmas-themed movie.

Below, photos first, video last. (Email subscribers: Here's the video link.)

Our tree and gifts:

Mom's friend on Christmas eve:

Her husband and one twin:


Christmas morning, with finger in nose:

Thanks Nana!

On C & C's porch, joined by Freya, toasting the warm day with champagne (that's our building in the background):

California family Christmas:

Rebecca, Loki, and Dad:

Rebecca at the bridge with SF in the background:

Two pretty ladies, at sunset:

Christmas evening:

We forgot to mention that the Alta Bates NICO gave Mom a huge bouquet of flowers:

Loki's new game, "stick your tongue out" (from a few days ago):

In these four clips (1) Loki and Mom play, he points at things when asked (not always successfully), and enjoys the lamp; (2) he first meets his new wagon, and is a bit intimidated; (3) he dances to the music card from Nana and Papaw; (4) Loki dances again, with the wagon, and almost cries. It was a long day.


Janie said...

Pictures and video are just great. And what a cute Loki! He is so smart. Can't wait to see you...only 9 more days...love, nana and papaw

Janet said...

Love, love, love the pics and the video! Very sorry that my assignment was so busy the day you brought all your wonderful gifts to the NICU. You and Jesse are awesome people! Really brightened the lives of so many families in the NICU this Christmas. Christmas-time is very bittersweet in the NICU, as you know, but seeing you both with adorable Loki gave other parents that extra boost to know that they will soon be home with their babies! Happy New Year!!!! All my best to Nana Janie, too!

rstiles said...

Hey Loki & Family! Looks like a beautiful first Christmas home. Congratulations! The Radio Flyer Wagon was a big hit with Milo and Maddy too - still one of their favorite. All the best, Rob, Elaine, M&M

marieke said...

As always, LEUK!!
I'm so happy for you you had a wonderfull Christmas with Loki at home, going out to the bridge and sunshine.
Happy, healthy and beautifull 2010
from us, Marieke and Martin

fransje melief said...

Great video and thanks for the Xmas card! I can imagine this was the best Xmas ever, having him home. I wish you all much love & happiness for 2010. I am sure the road will be a lot less bumpy! We miss you here.

Cheryl said...

So sweet! I have to say that you failed to mention that we also got to see Jesse "dancing" to the card too, which was a real highlight! Also, Loki is quite a good kisser--so between his dancing, love of music, good kissing, and obvious brilliance, he is going to go very far in this world! Merry merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Brianna watched this video, and asked when she can go see "the real Loki"--so it is time to introduce these two!

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