Saturday, February 5, 2011

January photos: Trapezoids and reflections

We are often impressed by Loki's development. I suspect that most parents are proud (even of the common things) like us. In the last couple days, two things impressed us. Mom and Loki were doing a shape puzzle. Loki said "oval" as he did that shape, and then "vierkant" or "square" as he did that one, etc. And then he says "trapezoid" as he does that one!(That is "trapezium" in NL.) I think we last said that word while doing the same puzzle several months ago.

Of course, lamps are Loki's favorites. Just this week, he learned that the lamps outside are often reflections. So now he can point at a window and say "flection lamp!" and trace it back to its source.

Yesterday was the second anniversary of Loki's due date. I looked back on the blog, and was reminded that on his due date, he was transported from Oakland Children's Hospital to UCSF, and then the next day (two years ago today) he underwent his most intense surgery, the one which repaired his kidney. That seems so long ago.

We don't have many photos from January. However, I cleared Mom's phone and got a few older ones. In November, we walked with the neighbor girls who love Loki:

Then it snowed in late November. Loki slept in a bundle as Mom walked with him down the big hill:

Sinterklaas is the Dutch version of Santa, and is celebrated December 5. Here, Loki helps Opi Frits with his card:

Then Loki was in the hospital. Here, he seems confident, like he has done this all before:

But then he got a high fever:

With the kids of Kyra and Erwin:

Loki took his first trip to the big city, Amsterdam. This is right by where Mom went to grad school:

There, we stayed with Mom's step-sister. Loki watched some cartoons with his cousins:

With Opa Ruud, while Tante Marieke gives a shot:

Smiling on stairs:

Time to look for mushrooms?

We make food once per week:


Nana and Papaw said...

Growing up so very fast. Glad you like the phone Papaw went to you. We miss you very very much Loki. Sending you big hugs and kisses...
Nana and Papaw

Janet said...
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Janet said...

I was so happy to see these recent pics of Loki. He looks as though he continues to thrive! Love the Amsterdam and "looking for mushrooms" pics. Hope all is well with Jesse and Kat, too. Wondering how Jesse research/work is doing, as well as Kat's work with the children's hospital(?)
California almost as cold as The Netherlands recently and big storms are the scourge of the Midwest this week...even to the point of effecting travel to the SuperBowl! Hope you are all keeping warm.
Knuffels all around!
Nurse Janet

Sarah Marcus said...

Loki is looking like such a little man! So cute in that hat.
Been thinking about you all...Jesse did you ever meet up with Oliver?
Much Love,

Mascha said...

Wow, he is growing up so fast. Love his hat picture.

We miss you and can't wait for the summer.

Richard en Maaike said...

Flo's hoodie staat hem goed! Er ligt nog meer hier klaar voor hem! Hoop jullie zondag te zien :)

Anonymous said...

Loki is so smart, just like his parents! I am wowed by the trapezoid comment (I can't even spell the word?!). Please tell Loki Dave and I say hello! xoxo courtney and dave

sahn said...

so great to see him growing into a solid, happy looking little boy. yay!!!!

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