Monday, September 28, 2009

Back from vacation; All better; Two videos

Today we returned home. Mom and Loki were ill on Catalina Island for only about 48 hours each, and their conditions were bad for only about 12 hours. Loki remained a bit droopy and tired, though, for the final day and return trip. We think he may have just been overwhelmed and tired, and even homesick. Once we in our parking garage, he looked around intently. And once inside our apartment, he was suddenly happy and energetic, back to his old self. He even flapped his arms up and down, which is one of his signs of joy.

Once off the island, we spend a night at Mom's cousin's house in the L.A. area. She (Nicole) and her guy (Anthony) just had a baby (Sebastian) as well. We all enjoyed ourselves very much, especially Loki.

Today we went to the annual Alta Bates NICU picnic. We saw lots of our favorite nurses, staff, parents, and babies.

His surgery for the G tube is still on for Friday, as far as we know.

We have lots of photos, including from the picnic. I don't have time to sort them now. But I do have these two videos. (Email subscribers will need to click the headline to see the videos.)

Here, Loki and his second cousin Sebastian meet the surf at Laguna Beach.

And here is a moment from Loki's final session with early interventionist Barbara. This is a couple weeks old.


Lidy said...

Wat leuk om twee kleine "Stulens" te zien met de voetjes in het oceaanwater!
Veel sterkte vrijdag met de operatie. Ik hoop dat hij er snel van herstelt.

Greet said...

lieve , wat een prachtige video van de 2 kleine mannen in de zee, ik heb er weer van genoten. Sterkte deze week met de operatie , veel liefs van Greet

marieke said...

Lieve Loki,
Lots and lots of luck in the hospital. You'll see, the new tube will give you a better feeling.

It is so nice to read that you do recognize home! And what about Bas, did you two have fun in the sun and the water?

See you in about 7 weeks,
Big hug tante marieke XX

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On January 11, 2009, while still in the hospital NICU, his one kidney stopped working. It was repaired after three surgeries. After spending time in three hospitals in three cities, Loki came home on February 17. He struggled with eating, and then stopped in July, leading to 8 days in the hospital, a failure-to-thrive diagnosis, and a NG feeding tube. On October 10, a minor surgery installed a G feeding tube. Another procedure replaced it with a new one, and then again with a Mic-Key button in Jan. 2010.

In August 2010, he and his parents moved to the Netherlands.

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