Thursday, September 3, 2009

The good, the bad, and the video

We have two pieces of good news from the last two days. Yesterday, Mom and Loki went into San Francisco to see Dr. Baskin, Loki's kidney doctor, for the interpretation of his MAG3 scan. The doctor described the kidney's function as "perfect," and he was very happy to see how much Loki has grown from the tube.

Today, Mom and Loki went out to the suburb Walnut Creek to visit an eye doctor. He too was very impressed by Loki's progress, saying that very few preemies who have ROP stage 3 have eyes that appear to be just fine.

The bad news is that Loki's fever continues. Today it was at the highest yet: 101.1 F (33.4 C). He has been referred to an infectious disease specialist (in fact, a doctor who saw Loki back when he had a staph infection in his first weeks in the NICU).

Here are some videos! Those who receive this by email will need to click on the big heading to go over to the web version of this blog.

A couple of Loki talking a bit, although he is a bit tired and cranky here.

Here, I try to play with Loki, but he prefers our cat Izzy.

And finally, Loki's feeding / occupational therapist tries to feed him, but he prefers staring at the camera.


Kyra said...

Ah, Loki doki, you must be so much more huggable in real life, even!
Love, cyberauntietantie kyra

Richard en Maaike said...

Wat een leuke video's. Ik sta versteld van dat hij zo duidelijk verschil maakt tussen banaan en mango. Het kiekeboespelletje met dad was ook erg leuk om te zien. We hebben meegenoten. X Maaike

Mascha said...

If that is Loki being fussy - he is a really good baby.

I am actually impressed about how much he likes putting the spoon/food into his mouth. I understand that the tube might mess with his feeling hungry or even liking food, but this looks encouraging.

I'm super happy Larry Baskin and the eye doc are both confirming that he is doing great and apparently much better than expected. Wonderful.

Anna loves the owl outfit and looking forward to playing with Loki.

marieke said...

Back from the french alpes with its hot summer, rock climbing and hiking and swimming. So nice to see all the pictures and video's! I'm a very proud tante you know.
Gonna call you to check when I come over within a week or 6. Please put me on the visitors calender:-) XX

Sarah Marcus said...

Amazing! Loki looks great. He is sitting up on his own, hair is getting long, and eating solids. Can't wait to hug him in October.
Of course the Izzy video is my fave!
Love, Sar

Suzan said...

Prachtig! Veel sterkte met de gekke koorts!


Greet said...

Lieve Loki en ouders, ik heb weer genoten van de video's, prachtig wat is hij al groot, leuk dat hij al kan zitten en die poes erbij, ik vond het weer heel gezellig om even bij jullie binnen te kijken.
liefs van Greet

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