Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Happy New Year

Happy New Year everyone! May 2010 bring you love, health and many wonderful adventures!

We spent our New Year's Eve with good friends from the Alta Bates NICU. They very kindly invited us over to their home where we thoroughly enjoyed the great company, food, and guest beds they offered. With Rebecca, Dad, Loki, myself, and a lot of gear in tow, we arrived at their home around dinner time. We quickly settled into--or took over--their house, depending on how you look at it, and had a very fun and easy New Year's Eve.

We were able to briefly check in on their neighbor's party which was very interesting and entertaining to say the least. Hosted and attended by a goth / Burning Man crowd there was plenty about to see and smile.

The two boys are increasingly more interested in one another and practice such skills as taking away each others' toys; climbing on top of the bed, each other, and the mamas; and giving gentle hugs. It is such an amazing feeling to see these precious former preemies get along so well and enjoy themselves.

At midnight we were able to see, and hear, some unexpected fireworks (unlike Holland, fireworks are not all that common on New Year's Eve here). Loki woke up screaming but after we pointed at the light and repeated "lichtje/light, boom boom" he got used to these noisy "temporary lamps" in the sky and started pointing at them. After a short night we woke up to finish our extended play date with a wonderful breakfast.

It was great to celebrate New Year's with wonderful people and wonderful food in a very "normal" people way.

Ready to go and have fun, but never leave without pointing at ones favorite lamp:

Best play pen ever, mamas and babies enjoy some play time:

Peeking over the balustrade is super fun, especially in pj's:

These boys really love each other, poking in eyes is a special sign of this love:

Such a sweet boy:

Another sweet boy right before bed-time:

Those noisy lamps in the Sky:

Rolling around on Rebbecca's extremely comfy bed, wish we all had the time all day long:

Not enough sleep though:

Jan. 2nd, Mama matches stroller and baby:

Our New Year's visit to the beach (no dive in the water for us):

Waiting for yummy diner food:

Loki loves his straw


Heleen and Frits said...

Happy New Year to you too!!!!!
We enjoy every post in your blog, the pictures, the videos. Thanx for taking the time and energy.

Cheryl said...

So wonderful to see two healthy beautiful boys partying together...in another 12 or so they'll be rocking out with an electric guitar and drums, without a doubt...It does make me so grateful for the medical breakthroughs of the last decade with micropreemies.
Happy New Year, you guys!

marieke said...

And again, Happy new year!!!!
I'm very happy for you that those holidays were like it should be. At home, with friends, no major difficulties. Greetings from me for Foxen's familie!

Dikke kus

Karin said...

Hello Lijn, Jesse and Loki!

For all of you a wonderful and happy 2010!!!
You did such fantastic work for the baby's in the hospital.I enjoyed the photos and the videos in which Loki shows his enthousiasm in life!
Here in Holland we are freezing, but our hearts are warmed by Loki's smile.Thanks for the blog, it gives us here a feeling of being close to you. And that is so important.Love and a big hug from Karin (Amsterdam)

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