Saturday, July 18, 2009

Back in the hospital

Loki is spending the night at the hospital after eating almost nothing over a 24-hour period. Ironically, just before this began, Mom decided that her relentless focus on Loki's feeding was damaging her sanity too much, and that she would relax: She'd help him eat and she'd record his progress, but not dwell excessively on the details.

But even before she had a chance to implement her new approach, Loki was unable to eat. Beginning Thursday evening, he would take a drink or two and then wiggle, squirm, and cry in discomfort, if not pain. Earlier today, a couple of phone consultations with the gastroenterologist led her (the doctor) to recommend that Loki come to UCSF (University of California, San Francisco) Children's Hospital. However, we had to be admitted via the emergency room, which was very busy. Three hours later, we were shown our room, which may the very same one in which we spent the night after Loki's final surgery.

Loki will be monitored overnight, with his blood and urine tested. We were surprised that the doctors did not use an IV to rehydrate Loki. It seems that he is still reasonably hydrated, and--most importantly--his kidney is working. A gastroenterology resident (a young doctor in training) will visit tomorrow morning.

Loki's behavior has been top-notch. He is normally a very well-behaved baby. But despite his lack of food and sleep, and being in a noisy emergency room for three hours, he was even happier than he would have normally been at home. Still awake at 11 PM, I easily had him giggling in the hospital bed. Mom believes that he always acts better in hospitals. Does it feel like home? Or is he just trying to charm the ladies?

Once again, Mom is "taking one for the team" by sleeping in the room with the little man. There is only room for one, so I drove back to Oakland. We'll update as we can.


berkeleygal77 said...

Well, I know he is a flirt and if charming people at 11pm is what he needs to do, then so be it! I am sorry you have to be back in the hospital - must be painful on many levels. Hope things improve quickly!

Heleen and Frits said...

Ooh waauw, that's a change (we read and heard)! Hopefully it turns out to be mainly good news concerning his swallowing problem being solved finally! Give the little charmer a big hug from opa and oma and let's keep our fingers crossed. Love to you all, Heleen and Frits

marieke said...

O dear mom and dad,
Again in the hospital. And this little Loki doki is giving smiles and giggles. We visualise Loki eating lots of food, with no pain at all. Lots of hugs for all 3, XXX

Nana and Papaw said...

Glad to hear he did so well in the emergency room. Good news that the kidney is working OK. I am very thankful you have a doctor who is listening to Mom and will hopefully find why the little guy doesn't want to eat. Hang in there Mom and Dad. It will get better. Hugs and kisses to all...nana and papaw

Richard en Maaike said...

Goh, dit is even ander nieuws! Wat jammer dat het zo loopt, maar aan de andere kant ook prettig dat Loki goed in de gaten wordt gehouden. We hopen dat jullie weer snel, met goede resultaten, thuis zullen zijn.
X Maaike

Cheryl said...

UCSF will get to the bottom of this...I don't mean to sound "bossy" (though I am by nature, rather bossy, I'm afraid), but I hope you will insist on trying to get an answer about what's going seems to me that you have done pretty much everything and MORE that you can do to help--so bring in the experts! Hooray the kidney is working-- but something is going on, and better to know--is it severe reflux? Swallow problems? A little developmental glitch? Or something else? Then at least you can make a plan. I cannot tell you how much this little boy is on my mind. He is of course, charming the socks off everyone. No surprise there! He has his mama's charisma (no offense, Dad, but she IS quite a charmer, I'm sure you would agree?)

Mom said...

Thanks Cheryl :-)

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